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         Smart Home Automation            


We are proud to be an authorised and trained partner to LOXONE the Miniserver based smart home technology                                               visit Loxone website


What is a smart home? Well firstly let me tell you what it is not, it's not the house of the future where the fridge orders your milk for you... that's just plain silly

 A Loxone smart home is one where the technology assists you to do things in your house without having to do them yourselves. Its one where lights come on automatically and go off when you depart to save energy, one where the blinds / curtains close when it gets dark to keep out the cold, or shade during a hot day to keep the room cool. An alarm system that rings your phone to say it's gone off and you reset it from where you are, maybe an automated call to say the kids have just let themselves in and therefore safely home, or perhaps a message to say the garage door is open.

A Loxone smart home can be as simple or as complicated as you need, it's modulated so you can expand it as your needs or desires change


At Blue Lightning we are an authorised and trained partners to LOXONE 

We can discuss your needs and wishes and then design a system that fits and as qualified electricians we can install it all for you as well. Once installed we will continue to look after you, tweaking it if necessary and if wished installing new features as they become available


    So what can a Loxone Smart Home do for              me?  

     Here are a few ideas:-


Lighting: lichtset to come on automatically by presence sensors or timers, scenes so that groups of lights come on together or maybe the bathroom light just glows in the middle of night but full power at different times. 


Heating: intelligent heating controller that works out how long it takes to reach the temperature you want and only comes on at the last moment to reach that target saving you money on your bills

smartphone-tabletSmartphone/ Tablet: use your phone or tablet to control your house, free app for smartphones and tablets, free updates, Android or Apple, or connect via web interface on your laptop

musikMusic server:  multi room audio, playlist from your phone, comes on when you enter the room, stream wirelessly via Airplay, text to speech messages, integrated door bell, use as part of the alarm system..the list                    just goes on and on

alarmBurglar alarm: set and unset using your phone even from the other side of the world, have all the lights and music come on full instead (or as well as) a conventional siren 

garagentorBlinds, curtains, garage doors: all controllable from your phone / tablet or even an old fashioned switch


poolSwimming pool:  full management system, from opening the cover to controlling the filtration system

intercomDoor intercom: have your Loxone system ring your phone when the door bell rings, you then see who is at the door via the video link,speak to the person and maybe ask them to leave the delivery, or you could press the                door release and let them in.. how cool is that!

solarIntegrate your solar panels, monitor power consumption, divert spare capacity to the hot water tank while it's free 

e-ladestationElectric car charging, we will see more of this as the industry progresses, the Keba controller can always be added later

           And this is just the tip of the iceberg, there's loads more it can do and best              of all the Apps and software are all FREE, no purchase price, no licence                fee, WOW!   



All of the above can be hard wired or wireless, 

including a Mini server Go, ideal for retrofitting  





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